the oblivious gods

The Oblivious Gods

There once was a group of gods and goddesses whom didn’t know they were gods. They would spend hours of their lives talking about things they could be doing, the current political disasters of the day, and talking about helping others. Of course they could do anything to help these causes even without god like powers, inyet they did nothing. one of the gods said “Man those terrorists over there scare me

the terrorists over there?”

What about the Nationals here!”.They could fight these nAtionals by telling people to vote.”My park- no my town is so fucking full of litter that it’s not even funny!” They could’ve picked litter up too clean up their town; Instead they just complained.”Gah I stubbed my toe”

oh woe is you come on there are people in back alleys starving to death.”

couldn’t you give them homes?” They could’ve worked at a feed the homeless shelter on their free time; instead they just complained. Eventually they did realize that they were gods. And what did they do with these powers? They did but, complain for they didn’t know where to start. And they argued with themselves over how much they should.”I wish we could do something

Hmm interestingly enough these Gods don’t seem to have stolen anything from me unlike the other gods. Of course they were likely too stupid to know of my existence.

I wonder what the next god will steal from me. I mean I don’t care at this point in fact I expect and await it. Why would I they’re not taking anything important

Writing pro tip: happy ending

So something that has been talked about during my Intro to Fiction class is that happy endings in short stories are hard to do. This is true it is hard to write a happy ending in a short story. Now in longer narratives its quite easy to end things on a happy note but with short stories, you typically only get 20 minutes of story one short story in my book was about 1 hour’s worth of reading which really stretched the definition of “short” for me also it ended with the main character dying so. But no seriously how about you go off and raise an evil orc army and then go defeat it in 20 minutes I’ll wait. You have to drop a lot for a short story to be satisfying and one of those things is the happy ending if you want a happy ending try cutting your teeth on longer forms of narrative. Movies often have the same restraint of time but they are a visual medium so it’s easier for them to get their point across. They also might have sequels and spinoffs that can extend the time for the happy ending to resonate. Another short story a Stanley Parableesqu little parable called happy ending made the point that it’s not really the ending that should matter but the journey. Anyways what I’m saying is that the best way to write a short is to crush your characters’ hopes and dreams. Please favorite, comment, and watch

cowboy bebop remake: episode 6

Episode 6
Itzach’s thoughts
Binary 2 step is probably my favorite episode of the remake and part of that is probably the fact that it’s entirely original and a lot more character-focused. Spike goes to catch a bounty but instead decides to try the outlaw’s mind thingy. This thing decides to sap Spike’s mind and now Jet and Fey have to rescue him. The quips in this episode are minimal and it actually comes across as more horrific than funny. I actually thought this episode was completely original but then I watched the episode it was based on and well let’s compare it to that. This is by far the most improved episode from the original. Sure the original was scarier, but I think this episode is more interesting because it delves into the mind of the character in the machine. The original cowboy bebop could have done this but it probably would’ve needed a second episode or the original episode would have needed to take away the focus from saving Fey to into Fey’s mind.
Ariel’s thoughts
This is probably the best episode of this new series. So the last episode had me ranting incoherently but this episode is a departure from that because it’s not that bad. It’s funny I think this was one of the weaker episodes of the original series, but one of the stronger ones of this new one. This is a wild departure from the original this episode starts with Fey getting conned and this episode is a good one to talk about the differences between old and new Fey (Which I will do later). So a reference to radical Ed is given and they should’ve left Ed with that because Ed does not translate to live action at all. Okay, that mini-rant is over let’s get back to the episode. This episode then has Spike getting trapped in a virtual world by an ai that is sapping his mind and an engineer who we will get back to later. Fey ultimately saves the day with the gun she got from the conman that can do 1 thing really. So I will start the Fey discussion by talking about how I hate to do this and the sexism around her. I don’t hate her redesign it’s good it looks sweet and it references the old design neatly. This Fey is also a new character who wouldn’t wear that outfit. Fey gets seduced by a female mechanic in this episode. In the original Fey would be the one doing the seducing in this one Fey is the one getting seduced. I feel the need to point out this even though reviewers that are somewhat good on the issue of sex still have some issues with it. 1 person that I listen to mentioned how odd it is that brought in a female character only for sex and he does this without mentioning that this is done all the time in heterosexual experiences, so it’s a little odd and disquieting that he brought it up with this same-sex pairing. The sequence with Fey and the mechanic is actually pretty good for the dialogue it’s not quippy and it allows Fey to discuss her situation. Also, this scene isn’t trying to be comedic which is good because this show doesn’t do comedy. So the exploration of Spike through a manufactured dream world allows us to explore a big part of what makes Spike without being over-encumbered, this I feel like is an improvement over the original because in the original Fey met the machine and just fainted. What I’m saying is that there were better episodes for Fey in the original and this was not one of them. Don’t forget to like, comment, and subscribe.

Memo homework 1st draft

Hello Customers

This; is a memo regarding the recent heat accidents that have been occurring because you misused our product. I am an engineer with the company, and despite having put extensive guidelines on how to use our product at the bottom of said product, you still misused our product. So here I will speak about this specific issue and possibly help you.

Why this happened

The burns are likely a result of the batteries overheating. Overheating batteries may be caused by:

  • An app that’s using more energy than your batteries can withstand. Like a tower defense game that spams 800 basic enemies even though you already have the tower that is instantly killing them.
  • Too many browsers open at a time. Seriously you don’t need 8 different YouTube tabs open.
  • Have your laptop in direct heat for an extended period. For example: putting the laptop in an oven for about an hour.
  • A virus is harming your computer. No snark here that’s just fucked up.
  • A mistake on our part. It’s unlikely but considering our current work environment, that is very, much possible.

What to do

Maybe don’t overuse our product sir or madam. To speak more specifically here’s what you do:

  • If an app is overheating the battery close that app. I don’t care if you are on level 300 just close it for Pete’s sake.
  • If too many browsers are open close the none essential ones. It’s that simple
  • Don’t put your laptop into direct heat. Get it out of the oven and into the bathtub it’s probably unusable anyways.
  • If a virus is in your computer, run a virus scan. If you don’t have a virus scanner: get one. Malwarebytes works best for me
  • If we have failed you or your computer is now unusable get a refund as outlined in the next section.

How to get a refund

To get a refund: I don’t know. Each store has its own dumb refund policy, so ask what the refund policy is at the front desk.

Hopefully; soon-to-be unemployed Itzach Rose.

exercising with diabetes

So a bunch of exercise people are now subscribed to my word press blog and I feel like I need to cater to them a little bit. If you’re not into exercise and dieting then you can skip this post but for those of you who are into exercise stuff, I hope you’ll enjoy my perspective. So this post is about high blood sugar and how they affect exercise. High blood sugars if somehow you don’t know are when your blood glucose levels spike. Y’know what I almost recommend getting high blood sugars before doing heavy exercise. I don’t recommend forcing a high at any point, but seriously. With a high you get more energy to go exercising, you don’t have to worry about your blood sugar when you are high, and there’s a fair chance that the exercise will cure your high. I don’t recommend forcing a high, because a) highs are bad in general and B) because heavy exercise is not guaranteed to cure a high; if you have a high, exercise is a good way of dealing with said high. So that’s all for this episode of exercising with diabetes I will post more stuff like this so if you liked this or found it helpful: please favorite, comment, and watch.

cowboy bebop episode 5

Episode 5
Itzach’s thoughts
This is the episode with Jet’s dirtbag partner and probably the 2nd best showcase of the show’s bad comedy. Because while Jet’s with his partner Fey and Spike are back at the ship deciding which bounty they want to take and this entire subplot should’ve been thrown out with the 1st draft. It is so fucking unfunny just oh my god. It’s really fucking annoying and if you’ve watched the original episode this is based on then you know that this is a Netflix addition. You also understand that this is a Netflix addition just based on the writing alone. Thinking back to it I barely remember it. As bad as the comedy is, I have to agree with most critics that they did big shot well. You know the bounty hunters show that tells the gang who to go after they got that right. That sounds more depressing than it is like big shot you want to do right; it’s not that important but don’t sweat the details. Anyways I have nothing left to say.
Ariel’s thoughts
This one is really bad, this one decides to rewrite the original cop episode and this decision continues to baffle me to this day. The changes they make are instead of the entire police force being corrupt it’s just his corrupt partner. The Fey and Spike subplot of them bonding over stories of them going after criminals is terrible because it tries to be funny. Why don’t they bond over trying to catch a villain? It does what it shouldn’t do and evokes imagery from the original. Oh and the guy fucking Jet’s wife he’s a fucking good guy now why not! I hate this fucking episode. I have to reiterate this the guy fucking Jet’s wife is framed as untrustworthy this may be because Jet doesn’t trust him. Earlier in this series, the cops were framed as evil which is good for cyberpunk storytelling, but this episode feels like cop propaganda, which is bad. During the cop segment, it invokes imagery from the original and I have to elaborate that trying to evoke the imagery of an anime in live-action is a terrible idea. Also, I never want to re-watch that damn Fey and Spike subplot. Don’t forget to like, comment, and subscribe.

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Writing pro tip: mega crossovers

So a part of our modern media landscape is crossovers between a bunch of different franchises or mega crossovers. Y’know like the ready player one, multiversus, the MCU a lot of the time. So what’s my pro tip for writing mega crossovers well don’t write. That may seem weird but it makes a lot of sense honestly. Crossovers are already a bit hard to explain unless they’re per-established to be in the same universe and with big crossovers that are not going to happen. Besides that people generally don’t care about the plot, this is something you give to fans and those people will in general are going to watch your thing. The most beloved mega-crossover is smash brothers do you remember the plot of smash brothers? Also, people don’t look too mega crossovers for the plot they ingest them for the character interactions and in fact, that’s a good tip for writing normal crossovers. So yeah that’s my tip don’t write crossovers.

how i lost weight

How I lost weight
By Itzach Bin Lazier
So since I’ve started my diet I have actually been losing weight and noticeably slimming down. So I thought why not record my diet and exercising habits on DeviantArt for fellow fatties trying to lose some weight. My mom has also been losing weight so I’ll put her diet down here too as well as general dieting facts.
My diet
Okay, so my diet is a weekly diet. Basically, I have 2 days where I don’t eat meat 2 days where I only eat 1 meal with meat, and 3 days where I don’t have a diet. I also have weeks that my diet isn’t present. It’s not much of a diet but it can be hard to keep up with some weeks. I think what mainly has been the cause of my weight loss is all my exercising. Whereas my diet has mostly just been for fun, although I wouldn’t discount it honestly. It’s a flexible diet that isn’t too expensive to do. I still believe my exercising habits will be more useful for weight loss. I often take joy walks for a bunch of different reasons, boredom, anger, too loud in the house, etc. On top of that if the weather isn’t good enough I’ve invented several indoor exercises that I can do around the house as well as my dumbbells. I also live next to several restaurants and stores that I go to for reasons. My favorite is walking down to Walmart and eating some broccoli or other vegetable as I walk back home. Lastly, I go to the gym typically twice a week and do some exercises then. Sometimes I will even walk over to the gym which takes about an hour but in general, you want to walk to as many locations as you can. Onto Mom’s diet which is so effective that one of my sisters adopted it.
Mom’s diet
My mom’s diet is more effective but also a bit harder to do especially for me. Basically on days when she isn’t exercising she fasts the entire day. She also doesn’t do this when we have money to go to a restaurant. As I said it’s more effective but because of my diabetes, I can’t do it. I should say that she does eat on diet days but, it’s just diet soups and diet bread these tend to be more expensive than normal soup and bread. Also, they taste much worse than their non-diet counterparts. As I said before this diet was effective so my sister Shoshana decided to replicate it I should elaborate. I started my diet about 2 years ago, Mom I believe either started her diet this year or late last year I can’t remember anyways as of the time of publication my mom is fatter and she has that some her fit worse. If you do go on this diet you will note that on days you don’t diet you won’t be able to eat as much as you were before starting the diet. To summarize an effective diet, that isn’t for everyone let’s move on to the tips section
General tips
Remember that muscle ways more than fat so if your exercising and you see that you’ve gained weight and not lost it don’t panic remember how you’ve exercised over the months and think carefully about how you want to proceed with your diet and exercise habits.
I don’t really have any other exercise tips please favorite, comment, and watch.

cowboy bebop episode 4

Episode 4
Itzach’s thoughts
This is the Eco-terrorist episode and it’s something. I don’t have strong feelings on either episode and because it shows up so early in the series I did actually see the original episode before I saw the new one. There’s actually an interesting conversation to have here on how Eco-terrorists have been depicted throughout the years that is not relevant to this new episode. The messaging on the Eco-terrorists has largely stayed the same. This episode is fine and this is the thing with this show: When it does its own thing it’s fine at times even kinda good when it tries to replicate the original it’s really really bad and sucks and I hate it. But this episode is fine I wouldn’t recommend it over the original, but as its own thing, it’s fine.
Ariel’s thoughts
This one isn’t terrible. The actress they got to play Fey bounces off the male leads really well, it’s still as quippy as ever but hey I’m used to it by now. They have some really good theming with Fey’s relationship with her con artist mother being reflected in the eco terrorist’s relationship. This episode is a step in the right direction for this series. It doesn’t try to evoke the imagery from the original which is a huge mark in its favor. Still boring though. It did take the basic framework of eco-terrorists threatening an entire planet, a weird relationship with their leader being a mother figure. Don’t forget to like, comment, and subscribe.

writing pro tip: lets play

So remember when internet reviewers put storylines in their reviews? Well, I’m here to tell you that isn’t a terrible idea, now it’s not an amazing idea it’s just an idea. Let’s plays and reviews are a form of derivative art and just like any other art form you can tell a story with lets plays or reviews. Now I don’t have any specific advice for writing a let’s play or review but I do have this: A problem you will face when writing a storyline in a let’s play or review is that either the storyline or the review will be completely incidental to the other one. Now, this isn’t a problem and in fact, it can be quite relieving. Well I say that but I can actually of an exception and that’s SuperEyepatchwolf, but the reason for that is because the storylines he’s coming up with are conspiracy theories. Please like, comment, and subscribe. Below I have listed some examples of reviews with storylines in them that work (for me anyway.) I’d list examples that don’t work but those are a dime a dozen and honestly, art is subjective.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AZCplp_AtRo&list=PLbQ- gSLYQEc7NPEexZVMKfvDJinOsL7YF